Woman Transforms Herself Into A Real Life Bratz Doll And Her Followers Can’t Get Enough

Makeup artists are all the rage on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and their incredible talents can see them rack up millions of followers.

One makeup artist who has recently soared in popularity is Promise Tamang, otherwise known as “The Human Chameleon”. Promise uses a variety of different materials and makeup to transform herself into some of the world’s most recognizable figures. The results are always incredibly impressive, and she seems to do it effortlessly. Promise has made quite a mark on both YouTube and Instagram. On the former, she has nearly five million subscribers, plus she has over a million followers on the popular photo sharing app. Soon after rising in popularity, she decided to make a second YouTube channel under the name “Promise Phan” where she posts vlogs and makeup tutorials. She has transformed herself into some of the most figures in popular culture including Pennywise the dancing clown, Betty Boop and Ed Sheeran. However, her most recent transformation is arguably the most impressive of them all. She has transformed herself into a Bratz Doll, sending her fans wild with excitement. “Who wants a life-size BRATZ DOLL?!” she wrote in the caption, “My sister was shook when she saw me”. Check out the full video below. In the description section of her YouTube channel, she goes into detail about the beginnings of her ambitious makeup projects:

“I use makeup to transform myself into famous Celebrities and Characters. It started out as a hobby 7 years ago and now I am here using this awesome platform to teach and entertain millions around the world. Feeling blessed and thankful everyday for all the love I receive for each one of you.”

In the split image above, you can compare what she looks like when she is entirely without makeup with what she looks like when she has fully transformed herself into the Bratz Doll. The results are pretty spectacular, right? And the really awesome thing about Promise, aside from her immense talent, is that she certainly gives credit where it is due. In fact, according to the popular social media user, her creation of the famous Bratz Doll eyes was inspired by fellow Instagram user missgaymatte, who uses a certain makeup technique whereby he turns his eyes into a sort of optical illusion by making them appear like those of a cartoon character. Incredibly, Promise’s Brats Doll transformation video has already garnered 1.5 million views, and over 2,000 comments. One of the best things about the video is the comment section. Her fans have gone crazy for the impressively elaborate makeup transformation. For instance, one has commented: “Omg THIS was the best transformation I’ve seen in like EVER! DAMN you killed it girl”, and another said: “She makes it look easy”. In the video’s description, she revealed that is was actually her fans who opted for her to transform into a Bratz Doll. In fact, it was a toss up between Regina George from Mean Girls and a Bratz Doll. Interestingly most of her fans voted for her to turn into the popular children’s doll. Promise said was glad to have had the opportunity to dress up as a Bratz Doll and she “always loved how dramatic and super glammed out they were”, and maintained that she was determined to keep their “bright eyeshadow, bold glossy lips, and giant platform shoes.” So far, her Bratz Doll look is certainly up there with her most impressive transformations. But I definitely look forward to her next attempts at topping her past transformations. Bizarre transformations using makeup, as showcased on social media, are impressive because they usually rely on the skill and craft of amateur makeup artists. However, sometimes people will go to greater lengths to transform themselves entirely, namely by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Learn more about Rodrigo Alves aka “The Human Ken Doll”. After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, he has now decided he wants the hairline of a teenage boy:

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