This Man Turned His Halloween Candy Into A Magical Landscape That’ll Amaze You

There are very few things you can do with all that candy you got on Halloween but don’t actually like. You know, those subpar candy necklaces and 3 Musketeers…I mean, we’re all in for the Twix and Reese’s, am I right? Sure, you can videotape yourself telling your kids you ate all their candy, or you can just power through and eat it, but typically you wouldn’t think to make a whimsical dreamland out of it…that is, unless you’re this guy.

A photographer by trade, this dad decided to take some of his kid’s Halloween candy and create a cool landscape with it.

It doesn’t look like much from here…but a quick zoom-in reveals:

A whole town of mini people mining candies.

He bought the tiny characters at a local hobby store and used various sweets in key shots.

He’d always wanted to try his hand at macro photography…I think he’s found his calling!

Just chillin’ by a giant bubble gum.

According to the photographer, the figurines are pretty much all about as tall as a Nerd candy.

Chocolate is basically the same thing as water.

The man behind the photos says, “I’ve never spent so much time setting up a shoot.”

Judging by all this detail, we can totally understand.

Honestly, I would have just eaten it, but this is way cooler — and involves less of a sugar high.

If you’d like to see more of the photographer’s work, head over to his Flickr page!

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